Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program provides students with an academic and ministerial foundation focused on biblical studies and the training necessary for graduate programs, such as M.C.C. or M.Div. This program offers biblical studies courses that incorporate engagement with biblical texts, theological courses that include historical, systematic, and perspective views on the Bible, such as ethics and doctrines, interdisciplinary Bible-related courses that apply the Bible’s teaching to various practical areas of study. The course content is built on biblical and theological truths which are then applied to varying subject matters, skills, principles, and practices of a professional discipline.


By the time of graduation, the program will be able:
  1. To increase and enhance students’ knowledge of the Bible as the Word of God and its theology.
  2. To enable students to apply biblical knowledge effectively to ministry and life.
  3. To foster the understanding of Reformation Traditions of the Christian church.
  4. To cultivate leadership for teaching the Bible in ministering local churches.
  5. To nurture in students a desire to pursue a higher degree in theological, pastoral, and missional ministries.

Graduation Requirements

  1. B.A.B. students must complete a minimum of 120 credits: general education (36 credits), major requirements (54 credits), WUV Core courses (15 credits), and electives (15 credits).
  2. B.A.B. students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of C (2.0).
  3. Students must pass the graduation exams: Bible test and essay exams.
  4. Students fulfill the community service in order to learn ministry formation.

Degree Requirements

  • LIL101 LibraryInformation Literacy (0)
  • General Education 36 credits

    WUV Core Courses 15 credits

    • BNT 101 New Testament Survey
    • THL 101 Biblical Doctrine I
    • BOT 101 Old Testament Survey
    • FDS 101 Introduction to Christian Faith
    • FDS 102 Worldview

    Major Requirements 54 credits

    • BIB 201 Bible Study Methods
    • BIB 351 Great Figures of the Bible
    • BNT 206 Pauline Epistles
    • BNT 209 Gospels and Acts
    • BNT 211 Life of Jesus
    • BOT 151 History and Geography of Israel
    • BOT 201 Pentateuch
    • BOT 205 Prophetic Books
    • CNS 101 Introduction to Christian Counseling
    • CNS 222 Individual Counseling
    • CNS 323 Group Counseling
    • CNS 401 Marriage and Family System
    • EDU 411 Introduction to Christian Education
    • ETH 301 Christian Ethics
    • FDS 201 Spiritual Formation
    • HIS 301 History of the Christian Church
    • MSS 101 Introduction to Christian Mission
    • THL 102 Biblical Doctrine II

    Spiritual Formation Requirements 0 credits

    • SPF101 Chapel Service
    • SPF102 Chapel Service
    • SPF201 Chapel Service
    • SPF202 Chapel Service
    • SPF301 Chapel Service
    • SPF302 Chapel Service
    • SPF401 Chapel Service
    • SPF402 Chapel Service

    Ministry Formation Requirements 0 credits

    • CHS101 Community Service Freshman
    • CHS102 Community Service Freshman
    • CHS201 Community Service Sophomore
    • CHS202 Community Service Sophomore
    • CHS301 Community Service Junior
    • CHS302 Community Service Junior
    • CHS401 Community Service Senior

    Free Electives 15 credits

    Any Bachelor’s courses

    Total 120 Credits