Master of Divinity Online Program

Master of Divinity Online Program

The Master of Divinity program is for training and fostering qualified Christian ministers, pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers to proclaim, spread, and teach biblical truth.


The M.Div. program will provide education, resources, and guidance:
  1. To help its students to be deeply rooted in and understand their religious heritage so that they may have a firm foundation as Christian workers (Religious Heritage).
  2. To nurture them to achieve spiritual maturity and personal formation as pastors, counselors, or educators (Spiritual Formation).
  3. To assist them to be keenly aware of the cultural and global contexts they have to work as Christian workers (Cultural Contexts).
  4. To enable them to develop capacity to be leaders of ecclesial or public domain they are called to serve (Leadership).

Program Description

The M.Div.Online Program is 100% online program, with a fast-track course in 8-week duration per course with eight (8) start dates per year for students to enroll in a short time without a long period of waiting for admission. The course works are scheduled sequentially on the weekly basis. The program conducts a rigorous course learning assessment to ensure students to complete all performance requirements for the course and to demonstrate mastery of the course concepts and course learning outcomes. The course discussion forum provides a mechanism for students to exchange information and ideas and demonstrate the student’s level of critical thinking and communication skills to the faculty mentor.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Pastoral Ministry students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 75 credits including 51 Credits of MD Common Requirement courses (consisting of 12 credits of Scripture and Interpretation requirements, 15 credits of Theology and Tradition requirements, 12 credits of Church and Community requirements, and 12 credits of Spiritual Formation requirements), 18 credits of Pastoral Ministry Concentration requirements, and 6 credits of Electives.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained.
  3. Students must satisfactorily pass graduation exams: Bible test and essay test.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (75 credit hours)

LIL500 Library Information Literacy (0)

MDIV Requirement Courses (66 Credits)

Scripture and Interpretation (18 credits)

  • BNT 511 Survey of the New Testament 3 credit hours
  • BNT 611 Interpretation of the New Testament 3 credit hours
  • Or BNT 751 New Testament Theology
  • BOT 511 Survey of the Old Testament 3 credit hours
  • BOT 611 Interpretation of the Old Te
  • stament 3 credit hours
  • Or BOT 751 Old Testament Theology
  • (NTL 501 Biblical Greek 3 credit hours
  • (OTL 501 Biblical Hebrew 3 credit hours

Theology and Tradition (18 credits)

  • THL 501 Systematic Theology I 3 credit hours
  • THL 502 Systematic Theology II 3 credit hours
  • ETH 501 Christian Ethics 3 credit hours
  • HIS 501 Church History 1 3 credit hours
  • HIS 502 Church History 2 3 credit hours
  • THL 741 Christian Apologetics 3 credit hours

Church and Community (15 credits)

  • SOC 602 Contemporary Cultural Contexts 3 credit hours
  • MSS 701 Christian Worldview and Vocation 3 credit hours
  • CHM 613 Christian Leadership 3 credit hours
  • MSS 501 Introduction to Missions 3 credit hours
  • EDU 501 Introduction to Christian Education 3 credit hours

Spiritual Formation (15 credits)

  • CNS 501 Introduction to Christian Counseling 3 credit hours
  • CNS 714 Marriage and Family Counseling 3 credit hours
  • PMN 601 Preaching 1 3 credit hours
  • CHM 511 Foundations for Church Ministry 3 credit hours
  • PMN 501 Pastoral Spiritual Formation 3 credit hours

Free Electives (9 credits)

Any graduate level (3 credit hours) course