Master of Business Administration(M.B.A.) Online program

 Master of Business Administration(M.B.A.) Online program

The Master of Business Administration Online program is 100% self-paced study online program. Each coursework completes in eight weeks in the fashion of one course at a time while multiple courses are available for selection. It is designed for the professionals who want to further their knowledge and career potential in today’s dynamic and competitive business climate. New admission to the program is possible at every 8 weeks course cycle, which allows six times to join in the program a year.


Students who successfully complete the MBA curriculum will:
1. Be able to interpret the principal concepts, theories, and practices in the functional areas of business.
2. Be able to recommend alternative business decisions supported by Biblical principles and concepts.
3. Be able to demonstrate the capacity to manage organizational problems and issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.
4. Be able to identify the opportunities and challenges of globalization and apply managerial skills to global business issues.
5. Be able to demonstrate well-developed leadership, and teamwork skills for the effective implementation of organizational policy.
6. Be able to create coherent forms of both narrative and persuasive types of communication to diverse professional audiences.

Admission Prerequisites (6 credits)

To be admitted to the MBA Online program, the candidate’s transcripts must show undergraduate level coursework (or equivalent) covering the following. Otherwise, students must complete the following courses within the first year of MBA program.

1. ECO 201 Microeconomics
2. ECO 202 Macroeconomics

Graduation Requirements

  1. M.B.A. Online students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 36 credits from the course provision.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained.
  3. M.B.A. Online students must satisfactorily pass the graduation exams.

Degree Requirements

Requirements (36 credits)

  • ACC 502 Financial Accounting
  • BUS 501 Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 502 Human Resource Management
  • BUS 503 Financial Management (Pre: ACC502)
  • BUS 504 Operations and Supply Management
  • BUS 505 Marketing Management
  • BUS 506 Management Information Systems
  • BUS 507 Strategic Management
  • BUS 600 Managerial Statistics
  • BUS 700 Business Research
  • BUS 702 Business Law and Ethics
  • BUS 704 International Business