Doctor of Ministry Online Program

Doctor of Ministry Online Program

The Doctor of Ministry Degree Online Program is designed to provide the highest professional education in various areas of ministry for the students who are successfully engaged in ministry.


Each graduate of the DMIN Degree Online Program will be able to:
  1. Objectively evaluate the ministry in which the student has been involved.
  2. Analyze and understand problems that have hindered the ministry from spiritual maturation.
  3. Share these struggles with fellow pastors, see how they cope with these difficulties, and learn from each other about how to deal with them.
  4. Formulate diverse strategies to overcome these obstacles and discover which strategy may best work for the individual church.
  5. Create a project which one can implement to achieve the devised strategy.
  6. Report the outcome of its implementation so that fellow pastors may benefit from it.

Program Description

The DMIN Degree Online Program is a 100% online program, with a fast-track course of 8-week duration per course with eight (8) start dates per year for students to enroll in a short time without a long period of waiting for admission. The course work is scheduled sequentially on a weekly basis. The program conducts a rigorous course learning assessment to ensure students to complete all performance requirements for the course and to demonstrate mastery of the course concepts and course learning outcomes. The course discussion forum provides a mechanism for students to exchange information and ideas and demonstrate the student’s level of critical thinking and communication skills to the faculty mentor.


The 36-hour DMIN Degree Online Program consists of the following:
• Research Methods (0 credit)
• Four (4) Core Courses (12 credits):
  1. BIB 852 Analysis of Preaching in the Bible (3 credits)
  2. CNS 801 Pastoral Psychotherapy (3 credits)
  3. THL821 Diaspora Theology: Divine Scattering and Gathering (3 credits)
  4. THL 851 Advanced Systematic Theology in Ministry (3 credits)
  • Six (6) Elective Courses (18 credits)
  • RS 921 Project/ Thesis Writing (6 credits)
Thirty (30) credits of seminars, 0 credits of Research Methods, and six (6) credits of project/thesis. Each seminar consists of three (3) credit hours, with only one exception of Research Methods of 0 credit hour. If deemed necessary, new areas or seminars may be added.
Six Elective Courses for the Doctor of Ministry Degree Online Program are selected from the following options, with the possibility of adding additional courses if needed:
* BIB 851 Advanced Biblical Interpretation and Preaching
* BIB 823 Jesus’ Resurrection: A Starting Point of Biblical Theology
* BIB 831 Biblical Analysis and Evaluation of Churches in the New Testament
BIB 853 Biblical Interpretation that Transforms Preaching
BIB 854 Advanced Biblical Preaching in the Gospel of Luke
BIB 855 Preaching from the Romans
BIB 856 Relational Preaching from the Corinthian Correspondence
BIB 861 Advanced Exegesis of the Bible
BIB 862 Preaching from the Theological Conflicts of the Apostolic Church
BIB 866 Points of Preaching from the Gospels
BIB 869 Points of Preaching from the Revelation
CHM 851 Modern Leadership and Pastoral Leadership
CHM 871 Multi-cultural Church Ministry
* CNS 810 Counselor Spirituality and Identity
* CNS 821 Advanced Pastoral Counseling
* CNS 825 Advanced Marriage and Family Therapy
CNS 826 Pastoral Family Counseling
CNS 832 Pastoral Marriage Counseling
CNS 848 Crisis Ministry and Clergy Self-Care
EDU 820 Christian Education and Educational Ministry
ETH 851 Current Ethical Issues
* THL 870 Theology of Ministry for the Korean Congregations
(*: Priority Elective Courses)
36 Total Credit Hours

Graduation Requirements

To complete the DMIN program, candidates must satisfy two basic elements: Course work and Project or Thesis. Here the “Project” refers to a particular casework carried out in tandem with the candidates’ ministry. The final product of the project will take the shape of a well-researched report. The “Thesis” indicates a written work that proves a candidate’ theological assertion or view on certain aspects of ministry by means of practical examples. The degree shall be completed within a minimum of three years to maximum six years. Students whose programs continue into a fourth year will be charged a continuation fee for that year and any additional approved years. To earn the DMIN degree, students must successfully complete 36 credit hours in total, that consist of 30 hours of coursework and 6 hours of project/thesis writing.