Master of Christian Counseling

Master of Christian Counseling



The M.C.C. program will provide education, resources, and guidance:
  1. To help its students to be deeply rooted in and understand their religious heritage so that they may have firm foundation as Christian workers (Religious Heritage).
  2. To nurture them to achieve spiritual maturity and personal formation as Christian counselors to serve local churches (Spiritual Formation).
  3. To aid them to be well-informed about and have insight into the cultural and global contexts into which they are sent as Christian workers (Cultural Contexts).
  4. To equip them with capacity and competency to be leaders of ecclesial or public domain for which are called to serve (Leadership).

Graduation Requirements

  1. M.C.C. (Master of Christian Counseling) students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 64 credits.
  2. Students must complete the Library Information Literary class in their first semester of the program.
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained.
  4. Students must satisfactorily pass the graduation exams: Bible test and essay test for M.C.C. students.

Degree Requirements

LIL500 Library Information Literacy (0)

Major Requirements (37 credits)

  • CNS 501 Introduction to Christian Counseling*
  • CNS 505 Biblical Counseling*
  • CNS 511 Counseling Theory
  • CNS 711 Group Counseling
  • CNS 714 Marriage and Family Counseling*
  • CNS 716 Multi-cultural Counseling
  • CNS 744 Psychology and Theology (Faith and Counseling)*
  • CNS 763 Ethics of Counseling [Spiritual Formation]
  • CNS 780 Counseling Practicum
  • CNS 781 Counseling Practicum (1 credit)
  • CNS 785 Research and Program Evaluation
  • PSY 523 Human Growth and Development
  • CNS 721 Conflict Transformation
* MCC Core Courses: cannot be waived

Biblical and Theological Studies (12 credits)

  • BNT 511 Survey of the New Testament
  • BOT 511 Survey of the Old Testament
  • CHM 511 Foundations for Church Ministry
  • THL 501 Systematic Theology I

Major electives (12 credits)

  • CNS 718 Career Development and Counseling
  • CNS 721 Conflict Transformation
  • CNS 734 Crisis Counseling
  • CNS 735 Addiction and Recovery
  • CNS 755 Counseling and Sexuality
  • CNS 631 Counseling Children
  • CNS 641 Individual Counseling
  • CNS 642 Inner Healing
  • CNS 701 Marriage and Family System
  • CNS 761 Self-Appraisal
  • CNS 791 Behavioral Health Interpreting
Or any graduate level counseling course in the Catalog

Spiritual Formation Requirements (0 credits)

  • SPF101 Chapel Service
  • SPF102 Chapel Service
  • SPF201 Chapel Service
  • SPF202 Chapel Service
  • SPF301 Chapel Service
  • SPF302 Chapel Service

Free Electives (3 credits)

  • CNS 782 Human Service Practicum (1 credit)
  • CNS 783 Mental Health Practicum (1 credit)
  • CNS 784 Clinical Therapy Practicum (1 credit)
Or any graduate level courses

Total 64 credits