College of Arts & Science

College of Arts & Science

College of Arts and Sciences offers three-degree programs: Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (B.A.B.), Bachelor of Science in Family studies (B.S.F). It provides the WUV Core Courses for biblical higher education and the General Education courses, both of which are required for all undergraduate students.

WUV’s General Education curriculum consists of three mandatory core courses and nine elective courses. Elective courses are categorized into five areas and students are required to take at least ONE course from the Communication area and at least TWO courses from each of the rest four areas. Students are required to successfully complete a total of 36 credits to fulfill the General Education Requirement. The five areas are as follows: Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts, Natural Science/Mathematics, Behavioral/Social Science, and Critical Thinking.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program provides students with an academic and ministerial foundation focused on biblical studies and the training necessary for graduate programs, such as M.C.C. or M.Div. This program offers biblical studies courses that incorporate engagement with biblical texts, theological courses that include historical, systematic, and perspective views on the Bible, such as ethics and doctrines, interdisciplinary Bible-related courses that apply the Bible’s teaching to various practical areas of study. The course content is built on biblical and theological truths which are then applied to varying subject matters, skills, principles, and practices of a professional discipline.


This degree is largely designed to equip students for education and counseling ministry with the knowledge and skills in multicultural settings. It also addresses critical issues within the contexts of homes, families and communities in both educational and ministerial environments.

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